When I was a little kid, my parents gave me an old film camera - a Vivitar something or other - with a single roll of film. It lasted an afternoon. I don't remember any of the photos I took, but I remember how much fun it was just to look through a tiny little window, press a button, and hear the satisfactory whirr of the film advancing.

I photograph because I love to. Because it's fun. I love the simple act of clicking a shutter button and freezing a moment, capturing beauty. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what's in front of my lens. Beauty is not limited to portraits or landscapes. Moments are not limited to events or street photography. I'm happy to capture it all. 

Beyond my own photographs, I love having the opportunity to work with other talented creatives in this industry as an assistant and retoucher. Being able to offer support to an individual or team to help realize a creative vision is immensely satisfying and I am always inspired by the talent and artistry of the people around me.

If I'm not taking photos, working on photos, or talking about photos, it's probably because there's a coffee or craft beer in my face. I'm happy to talk about or take photos of those, too. 

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